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5 Subs


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It got mentioned tonight (Man City away 8.7.20 for reference) that they might be sticking with the 5 subs rule next season

No way should that happen in my opinion - it gives the richer teams an even greater advantage over smaller, weaker squads

That's it really - discuss if you want to


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We could be one of those richer teams but basically you are right,it will be a kick in the nuts for the less wealthy teams.

Time wasting could be a problem too.
That said,I think the three sub limit regardless of injury needs to go.


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Just to be clear I had no idea you are,were,or possibly might not be ginger.
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The .net archives are still there if you look around enough. I can't remember what my username was but I was more of a lurker anyway. I still remember a few of the other names though.