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    Coronavirus vaccine

    Remember the NHS and care workers are above us in the queue for vaccines which is good. Doesn’t make up for the poor pay (especially care workers). I find this year is no different - a 1% pay rise is more than me and most others, with waves of redundancies ongoing everywhere else. But I don’t...
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    Oliver now hitting cows' arses with his banjo

    12 this season, 9 in the league. Presumably some assists too.
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    The Official Ipswich Match Thread (sponsored by Mark Saunders "for all your last minute winner needs"

    Same old patronising bollocks. I prefer this tweet:
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    Scally and Evans

    Inept tactics, nothing but 5-a-side on the training ground, and reports from the players that he was a bully, particularly to the kids.
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    Another one gone...

    I think attendance-wise there’s nothing wrong with them - there were nearly 20k last time we went up there a bit before lockdown, and that was when Ipswich were in horrid form. Norfolk and Suffolk could probably be compared with Kent in that they are decent sized counties with one professional...
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    ‘Gillingham’s Biggest Earners Revealed’

    Presumably this is guesswork, but... For those who can’t be bothered to click all the way through: 10. Matty Willock £1.9k a week =8. Jack Bonham £2.1k a week =8. Jordan Graham £2.1k a week =6. Christian Maghoma...
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    New signings this week?)

    we can start building for next season. Get players bedded in and showing Evans and Raynor what they can do.
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    Another one gone...

    Ipswich are about to be taken over by the owner of Phoenix Rising football club in USA. Ipswich are a weird team - for over a decade they’ve been bankrolled by Marcus Evans. He writes off £10 million debts a year, and that’s even in the Championship. And of course the fans hate him. It would...
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    Coronavirus vaccine

    Some people just don’t have the intelligence/common sense, and are too proud/stuck in their dumb ways to change. If you haven’t got it by now then no amount of tabloid stories and TV adverts with relatable individuals will work. Unfortunately these people vote, reproduce, share their mentality...
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    Howe, Lampard would be better choices and reachable. Imagine the response with their fans demanding Mourinho, AVB etc and landing a League 1 manager.
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    What was that?

    Mid-table/too half again with a rubbish budget will be good on paper. It just always grates how we’ll beat a load of the teams at the top while also gifting horrid teams at thee bottom their first win in x amount of games. A word on their stadium. I’m happy they’ve got their own ground but it’s...
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    Coronavirus vaccine

    Wrong use of the word, but I can see why people would be fucked off if they’re worried about a relative of theirs who is due a vaccine and hasn’t had it, while fit and healthy people have skipped the queue ahead of them due to their job. Personally I’m hoping everyone 50+ get the two doses...
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    Coronavirus vaccine

    I’m not exactly a Guardian reader but how the fuck has this High Court ruling been buried?! Matt Hancock has been judged to have performed such a mandatory failure of duty and surely his job must come into question. It seems at the moment that as we’re in the middle of a pandemic that Matt could...
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    Racism - Controversial Opinion Here...

    I posted this to discuss how we can react to racism in English football. It ends up with people barely holding their glee at the thought players taking part in an anti-racism display being booed.