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    Favourite ever "guilty pleasure" player

    Permit me to cast another vote for Bill Brown. A very talented No9 in the days when a physical presence was was sometimes preferred by the fans, than a skilled dribbler of the ball. Loved watching you play Bill.
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    New Scally letter

    Albeit a somewhat lengthy letter, it seemed to give an honest appraisal of how things stand right now, and to me it contained as much a level of optimism as is possible right now. Thanks for the update Mr Scally. UP THE GILLS.
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    Stoke away

    I was there that day, and although we lost that leg, Hess's goal left me convinced we would win the overall tie.
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    Happy birthday Cas

    Whenever I think of Tony Cas, I always get a flashback in my mind of him bearing down one on one with Neville Southall.
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    Well done Brentford

    ................ in making the play off finals. Been supporting The Gills since the mid 50's ( yes I am that old ) and it's great to see Brentford just one game away from The Premier League. I always used to view Brentford as as almost a local derby in the bottom two divisions .............. but...
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    Final Day of the Season

    Sky sports prediction was for us to win 2-1 and finish 9th. I'd have taken that, and would have seen it as our best season for a long time.
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    Your history of our club 50s 60s and early 70s

    My first games date to the late 50's when I used to climb over the fence at half time so as to try and collect teacups. Why ?? Because there was a penny deposit on them, repayable on return. Most people would tell me where to go, but there were always some who would hand them over. On a good...
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    Gills v Charlton 1974

    It any of you get BTSports 3, then 7am next Monday has an edition of The Big Match from 1974, featuring Gills v Charlton
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    vs Sunderland

    Great result !! Played Sunderland 4 times this season, and haven't lost once II If only we could have seen off AFCW last weekend.
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    BBC teletext to end on Thursday - N/G

    Before teletext, I remember hanging around after reserve games so as to hear the first team result over the tannoy.
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    Dennis Bailey

    It's not often we sign a striker who had scored a premier league hat trick for the away side at Old Trafford just 3 years previously. As I recall, Dennis Bailey was a skillful player, but never really made the headlines I was hoping for with us.
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    Best ever away experience (excluding Wembley play off)

    Winning 1-0 on a wet night at Newport to clinch the Div4 title. A typical performance of that time when the Freddie Cox style throughout that entire season was all about " if we dont concede, then we wont lose".
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    Hillsborough - 30 years on

    What surprises me is that never was there any blame attached to the decision to cage fans in enclosed spaces with no simple way of escape. Such fencing was speedily removed from all grounds soon after this awful event.
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    Brexit poll

    Funny that right now, the votes cast add up to the same 52/48 as the referendum
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    Penalty taker.

    Harry Hughes. His run up started at or near the half way line, and woe betide any keeper who tried to stop one.