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    Match Thread, Swansea v Forest, who cares?

    Despite a much changed team from what you would expect to be the first eleven, todays performance sort of epitomised the general malaise hanging over the club at the moment. Whoever we seem to sign seems to fail to live up to expectations and we have a real battle on our hands to avoid...
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    Here we go!

    If you say so. Obviously you would know.
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    Here we go!

    Thankfully, we've not acquired your cultured taste.
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    Here we go!

    Australian Chardonnay, £3.15p a bottle in Lidl at the minute. Outrageous.
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    ifollow, blackouts and its future

    Yes, BBC Wales. You have to go onto BBC Iplayer and on settings change your region to Wales, and then its on BBC 1.
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    Jan Transfer Window

    What did Jeff Mann and Ben White do at the club?
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    Match Thread, Forest v Cardiff, does anybody care?

    Although I don't think we're good enough to progress beyond maybe the quarter-finals, it would be great to have a little cup run for once. A win today is important to maintain the small improvement made over recent games, but to be the last non prem team left in the cup at whatever stage would...
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    If that means Derby go down, I'm all for it.
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    What would be your suggestion Pope?
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    Match Thread, Preston N.E. v Forest, we must do better.

    Sorry, I think you may have misread my post, chap.
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    Match Thread, Preston N.E. v Forest, we must do better.

    Have just watched the full match replay and we were, for the most part, the better team. Towards the end of last season and for much of this, we have for some unknown reason, let the opposition come out and dictate proceedings. Yesterday there was much more positive, forward passing, despite the...
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    Match Thread, Preston N.E. v Forest, we must do better.

    Could go either way today. Although we're not that good, we're also not that bad either. Just need to get the confidence running through the team. If we managed to do that, we could beat anybody in this league.
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    Can't think why this would be controversial. Surely it would be so if they were just throwing unused vaccines away? Seems pretty obvious that the roll out of the process will be fraught with similar situations
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    Stoke v Forest, pushing it uphill.

    I agree with all Mao says about confidence, it is what turns a good player into a bad one and visa versa. Also makes it really difficult for a new manager to come in and turn things around without the benefit of time. I really believe that CH is the man that will turn this club round if he is...