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Zech Medley to join on loan


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According to twitter it’s basically done.

Some interesting comments from some Gooners. Hope they are right, they seem to rate him -

Good luck to the gills he's a solid looking player hopefully he does well for you

Left footed CB, been hovering around our first team for 2 seasons quite highly thought of

I’m glad for him. I think his natural position is defensive midfield. He’s similar to Luiz

Yeah or 6ft 4 (or5) I think either one, quality signing tho a lot of championship teams wanted him as well, and he’s been on our bench so done bits


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Does sound promising. We should tap into london clubs for loans more often. Our location must make it easier for london based players to join us on loan


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C’mon guys. I know we love to turn a thread off topic and down this track. But don’t make a song and dance about it.
Wonder if he can sing "Ode to Joy"? You know that tune which is used as the EU theme? But hang on, won't be needed because of Brexit!

There you go OSK, duly high jacked thread.