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Silver - Medal

* Talking of First Aid - i had a 'fight' with a Hedge trimmer last week - i lost and ended up in the hospital for a few hours !!!!!


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Hope you still have all yer bits Digger!

War - (and) Peace
All my bits !!!!
It 'caught' the part of my leg between the knee and ankle.
Didnt realise i'd done it until i noticed my grey trousers were totally red.
When i pulled my trouser leg up i then went into a panic - the blood was spirting out.
Not too bad now - last day of penicillin tomorrow

Lily - Aunt


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It was really the flow of blood and the fact i was on my own that panicked me.
Rang the foreman who came straight over from a neighbouring Cemetery and drove me to Hospital - glad i had a mask with me!

I had an Aunt Lily - my Mam's sister.

Nephew - Niece


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My Aunt Lily had a few stories to tell - she was working for a family who were supposed to be coming back to England from New York on the Titanic.

Niece - Relative


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Yes, whenever we go to a town that we haven't been much (or at all), i tend to spend most of the time in their Cemetery !!
That particular grave had a violin carved into the headstone.

Nights (on) Broadway