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Wolves game


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5 fucking wingers on the pitch and can't manage a cross between them in 90 minutes. The defensive teamthat can't defend you really couldn't make it up. Don't even press when the opposition have the ball fucking sickening. Probably as bad as wolves have played, they haven't got out of first gear and you were just waiting on the inevitable goal. Darlowhas been brilliant lately but should have saved that. Fucking shambles


Vital 1st Team Regular
Well that was absolutely amazing........NOT!

Created next to fuck all and 2 shots on target, one being Murphy's free kick, which I'm not sure why it was given (but that might be the red wine and not paying attention)

Bruce hasn't got a fucking clue and that squad is pathetic. If ASM is out, having a mare or marked out the game there is ZERO creativity elsewhere.

Almiron is shit, end of!


Vital 1st Team Regular
Except it's not the end of. Almiron couldn't have doubled up and covered anymore for Lewis, he played for the team. Dreadful game and can't abide it but Bruceball is fulfilling the criteria of the owner. On target for roughly 50 points this season .