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Home now, we were dreadful yesterday. No bite or guile. Really poor

Hogan saga not helping but neither is our formation. 3 CBs, 2 DMs and 2 very wide wing backs mean we normally have 3 players attacking at best.

Vibe not great yesterday but literally no team mates near him for the entire 90

Interestingly two different Latics fans thought Woods was our best player when he had an absolute stinker. He didn't hide though.

Bentley, Colin, Dean, Jota and Hoff were OK. Everyone else was 4/10 at best.


Vital Reserves Team
Agree with your summary, a very poor game from us and a long way to go to see a rather gutless display. It was a game when you couldn't really pick a MoM IMHO. Truth is we looked a relegation side.


Vital 1st Team Regular
Woods was bloody awful, even if, like you say, he didn't hide. The Wigan fans probably rated him for the way he set up their move for their first goal. What in God's name was he doing?
Thought Dean gave his absolute all and had no chance for the goal. Jota tried but for me, nothing he did worked and he was off the pace a bit. Feel Smith was justified in not starting him yet.
Vibe was.....well, Vibe. Not good enough for this division and I thought Hofmann tried but was still awful. Just can't take him seriously the way he runs around in a shirt two sizes too small. It was a brilliant left footed volley on the turn that set up our goal though. I can't even claim he slipped and his foot accidentally caught it lol. Was excellent shot on turn and deserved a goal.
Overall, it was just an awful performance and maybe Hogan's refusal to play just pissed them all off as some of them have seen all that before.

I feel we really need to get the midfield sorted and with players who don't constantly give the ball away cheaply far too easily and far too often which they are all doing. Our most consistent players this season have been in the back four and the keeper, but they are under constant pressure because we give up possession so often. They can't keep them out forever.