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Who Was Your Man of The Match v Accrington Stanley?

Who was your Man of The Match v Accrington Stanley?

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Vital 1st Team Regular
Scully for me. Decent first start with the goal and his all round efforts today. Terrier like performance.

Would also like to give a nod to Hopper who worked his socks off as the lone striker running the channels and making space for others. I hope he's not written off a la Akinde because his goals for ratios might not be what some expect


Vital 1st Team Regular
Very difficult as, apart from Shackell (who redeemed himself a bit with the goal) & Hesketh, I don’t think anyone played particularly badly. Edun, Scully & Hopper very encouraging, as was Grant. Lewis fully deserves a run in the side, either in place of Eardley or more likely Harry as Lewis offers a goal threat as well. On balance, gone for Scully in his first full game.


Vital 1st Team Regular
Really struggled with this one. Most of the starting XI, plus Lewis, could get the vote but all had reasons why not.

In the end also gone for Scully, skillful, hard working, feisty, got his first goal on his his first start. Positioning and decision making a work in progress.

Most of that applies to Edun too, the young permanents look promising which augurs well for next season.


Vital Squad Member
Young Scully had a great full debut and his goal was a little more than the tap in that the radio made it sound like, however I will go for Grant. This is based purely from the radio and listening to Thommos comments. Playing in his preferred position in the centre it sounded like he had one of his best games for City putting some good passes in during the game and generally contributing a great deal.


Vital 1st Team Regular
Scully had a decent debut other than the final result. He put a good shift in, confident to receive the ball when tightly marked and strong enough to ride a challenge. Scored one, could have had another and was involved in most of our good moves. Early days but looks about the most promising of the young signings.