where the hell is everyone?


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Come on guys. 4 wins on the bounce, unbeaten in the league. We are playing arguably our best football since being in the league and this forum is dead. Where is the passion and the opinions gone?


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I think a lot of people feel the urge more to post when they need to get something off their chest badly....like when we're not playing too well.

Things couldn't be better now so there's not as many heated debates going.

Not just that though, this forum has been dying down for a while now, all of last season really. It's normally quite busy during pre-season when we're all discussing rumours and new signings, but it just didn't happen this year.

Hopefully a few more will start to join up, and I'm going to try and get more opinion based articles published to attract people to have their say.


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I miss the posters here, but stopped posting for a while once the site started to only get two/three posts a day. Started at another site more prominently which has a similar vibe on the Swans posts, not over congested, very little bickering, mainly stays on topic, and a generally decent poster list.

I hope this site can pick up again as the people here are some of the most respectful/knowledgeable lot I have spoken with about the football, without the nonsense name calling.



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Me too, I don't come on here half as much as I used to just because so many stopped posting for whatever reason. There used to be good debates on here with the likes of swanjackal, cyjax, cornellyjack etc and you'd know you could post without getting abuse back just for having a different opinion.

But as more and more people don't post and even login/visit, people aren't going to do the same if they can't see anyone else getting involved.


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Would invite people over to where I play, but I don't want to be disrespectful to KevinE (and the invite would be extended to a top guy too) and try to take away any possible posters from him. Will pop back in now and again to say hi.


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Cheers, no need though swanjackal, they've posted a few times asking for people to register on there, I think that's where a few have gone maybe.


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Like swanjackal I just found there wasn't enough posting going on to keep me engaged and switched my Swans addiction over to the other site - almost as thoughtful and respectful but not quite! I really misd the debates here and so I'm glad to see it awakening again and good on you Kev for persisting. I'll keep coming back and contributing as it really seems to have picked up again in the last few days.


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Thanks for coming back ottawa_swan. Hopefully it can kick start again because even I barely visited here and post as I didn't expect much reponse and debate.

There's been some good discussions on here without all the crap you might get on other forums, it's pure football talk which is always good.

Like I've said, I'll try and get some articles posted that will attract some discussion and maybe we can get some consistent discussions here.