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West brom Match thread

mr ron

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They have more back up, we are probably fairly matched starting 11 wise. Carvhallo must be off then end of the season, if he can't even make the bench although I'd still prefer him to semedo as someone to change the game.


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Lamouchi suggesting the returning players might not be 100%. I still think we shit the bed by thinking we could rest players.

Not sure I agree with Sky that we are massively overachieving. It's not our fault the league is mediocre af and we are in the mix. We have improved but could still finish no better than last season.

mr ron

Vital Football Hero
He's sticking to the story, at least I hope he is and they aren't all on the edge of being injured. We aren't over achieving but makes a change we aren't big spending Nottingham forest this season.