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We're good enough to win league says Winks.


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I agree we are good enough. I'm not sure we will. Winksy isn't to blame for showing belief, but we've just heard it all before and I'd prefer it if they just did their talking on the pitch.

Remember Ranieri celebrating hitting the 40 points mark and avoiding relegation and saying there was no way Leicester would win the league in public, whilst behind closed doors strategising on how they could maintain their lead in the table.


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It's also about whether City and Liverpool are capable of throwing it away as much as whether we're able to win it. Those 2 clubs have thrown serious money at the problem and have fantastic managers tactically.

In Liverpool's case, one loss over 2 legs to Bayern in the CL and they've only got the league to fight for. That's very relevant at the business end of the season.

With Spurs, you have to just take another look after 30 league games and see where we are. It's way too early to be making predictions but love the sensible interview from Harry. He acknowledged the games we've slipped up and mentioned the tough teams around us.


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The two teams above us have better 11's and fewer weaknesses. Our DM's without the formidable duo of a fit Dembele & Wanyama is a big loss, they often provided an impregnable shield to protect our vulnerable defense.
Meanwhile, our fringe AM's are not good enough to change the established order, which often needs better output. We need to become clinically efficient. We've done well to challenge the top two with these issues.


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Liverpool have got it this year, seems similar to Leicester where they are getting lots of decisions their way and I'm sure I see somewhere the other day saying they play games before City so will always have a big gap if they keep picking up wins. Also no other distractions apart from CL next month.

I think Liverpool win the league by 3-6 points ahead of City and if we can finish within 6-9 points of City we've done well. They are both streets ahead of us unfortunately.