Wednesday @ GP Tomoz.


Vital 1st Team Regular
Hot day expected in London, Bees at home, good oppo with a decent following, and a chance to finally beat another championship bogey side.

At least Wednesday fans don't lord it up over us like other so called "big clubs" in this league, probably because they've been down there with us for many so years. They know us and are pretty respectful of our history too.

Very tough game but i think and hope the Bees can atone for the pony day i had up there last season - Barbet off after 5 mins, lost 4-0 and got mugged for near on £40 for the ticket.

That said i'd take a draw right now.

Get everyone down there and get behind the boys - COYR.


Vital Squad Member
Very difficult to guess the score on this one. Nice to be back at GP again and we've seen some nice stuff and good results here so far this season. We are not back for another three weeks so let's make the most of it with 3 points!