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We Didn't Own An Ipad! Genius!!!


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Agrees Saurat. I have the Nokia Lumia 620 as I have been a Nokia gal since they came out. Hmm they forgot Boys from the black stuff and Auf Wiedersehen, Pet.

Oh and we were 1 of The Thatcher Yuppies that had 1 of the first mobile bricks out. Cost us £300 too.


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Saurat - 18/3/2013 17:15

The best advert for the iPad I can think of, frankly.
The ipad is a great invention, useful and great fun. But the gaming and texting/mobile addiction that has saturated society is appaling IMO.

I honestly believe that whilst it may have been seen as bad by some that I played out from sunrise, until it got too dark to see the ball, I think it's shocking that kids dont want to go out and play, talk etc... anymore and would rather sit indoors gaming and texting.

We definately had it better as children - if only the current kids realised it.

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I do think that there is too much focus now on the online world and gaming world, as opposed to youngsters getting out and causing a bit of mischief plus playing sport etc!