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The Fear

A Wise Man (once sat next to him)

Do any of you use this forum on mobile? Is it ok, or ok ish, or too fiddly?

I'm not a massive phone user!

These forums might be getting slightly out of date now, we might look to change in the New Year but 100% need to get more mobile friendly.

Are there any forums you really like using, if so what/where?!


Vital Squad Member
I do and it isn't the most mobile friendly site i.e. clicking on thread titles can be fiddly, writing replies is awkward.

Have a look at through a mobile device. The site is very mobile friendly in my opinion i.e. fits screen properly, thread titles are easy to see and click into.

*Disclaimer: I only ever look on the at this forum when I'm in the mood to voyeur upon the misery of others , all football fans indulge in a bit of schadenfreude - both North East clubs currently provide plenty of humorous breakdowns. To be read, not contributed to.


One Bloody Number
Honestly? Hate using Vital on my phone.

The only forum I enjoy and can get on with on my mobile is on Tripadvisor. You still on Android? Download the Tripadvisor app and go into that.

You can then access all the Tripadvisor sections (including forums) and they are very user friendly.

Could you do something similar for Vital? Would be brill.


Vital Football Legend
It doesnt work well on android.

I get the 'download the app' prompt, even though Ive already downloaded it.

But the app doesnt do the forums.

so i go back to webview and it pops up 'download the app' on each page i click on.

But it is useable, i can see the threads ok and read once zoomed in.



Vital Football Legend
It is very rare I use my mobile to go on Vital Villa. It is has been said, annoying and fiddly and difficult to zoom in on..

The Fear

A Wise Man (once sat next to him)
That app will prob be gone Rosetta.

We are going to have a front page/article comments that is mobile friendly as that is 'easy' to do.

The key for us then is to find the right forum to use that would be mobile friendly OR a way to make this one friendly. It would probably be the former, a new forum.

Then we have the issue of exporting threads from here into a new forum or worst case, setting up new forums and these become archives. We have, at this point, no idea how that would go down with editors or users and would be a step we would have to walk hand in hand (!) with everyone over. This is a community not a hard faced business and forums are precious to us all.

Mobiles haven't ever (albeit we have been mindful of them) been a major issue as although for years they have been called 'the next wave' usage wasn't massive and monetisation was useless.

However traffic is now 30% mobile so we've got to get it done.

We won't rush, it has to be right, not quick.


Vital 1st Team Regular
I have used it on my phone but it is extremely fiddly. If you did sort out a mobile friendly site/app I think i would use the site a hell of a lot more. Dont really use any other forums on a regular basis so couldnt really recommend other mobile friendly sites


Vital 1st Team Regular
Yes I do, and I am on my phone at the moment. I prefer proper sites than mobile sites and I think it's fine how it is. Mobile sites always tend to restrict what you can see/do and I usually just load the desktop site anyway

But I did post this in another thread yesterday I got redirected (while using my phone) when I clicked on a thread and got sent to a dodgy porn site

Only other problem is when writing the text box is bigger than the screen so you have to scroll across to see what you have written its a minor inconvenience but that's all

The Fear

A Wise Man (once sat next to him)
yup, as said, think the app was worth trying but can't see we will stick with it.

I do find all sites fiddly on mobile but that is more me, I have a computer, I have a tablet, I don't then really need to use mobile. But I understand plenty do.

Business wise it is an interesting one as mobile monetisation (horrible word!) isn't as good, but there is a need there. But also agree with david-avfc, some mobile sites take away too many features. I guess, if we go mobile friendly, the main version could still be used (but I'm not the techie so that is a guess)


The only tricky think i found tbh using my iphone 4s (had to mention that btw) is trying to access the forums, even though i zoom in to select the 100% forums part its really small still and fidley and also getting off the main article page to the forums but that may just be im a bit dumb lol