Villa Fan Puts Forward Three Options


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DJFRANCE2 looks at three options to change this current worrying situation.

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Maybe one of the most idiotic suggestions I've read. No we can't blame Calderwood and replacing him won't have the slightest effect. The buck stops with Bruce. Period.

For the record, Calderwood is assistant manager, not coach. Different jobs. Calderwood is a club, not manager, appointment. If the manager goes, Calderwood is there to provide some continuity. A good idea.
The coaches only follow the managers lead, so anything wrong with the coaching set up, is down to the managers training tactics, (or lack of).
From what I've seen since Mr. Bruce took over, the problems are, that instead of having a way of playing and getting in players to play that system, we continually buy players who have been their previous clubs top player, ending up with 11 players used to 11 slightly different systems and expect them to gel into no system at all.
While on paper we end up with a theoretically strong squad, in reality we end up with 11 strangers with no leadership, wondering what they are supposed to be doing.
At the rate we are going, we'll be lucky to get promoted this side of 2030.
Calderwood was Bruce's pick from memory.

There's just no style coming through in the play still and that's the worry, you would've thought after last season and pre season we'd at least be seeing a consistent ethos of play starting to come through.