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Mcnamee67 - 7/11/2017 22:00

Was this a win to progress in the competition Owl? Doesn't bode well looking at that score and the opposition.
No, it was the last group game but a win would have seen us go through. Totally pointless entering a team because the kids getting humped off shit teams does nobody any favours.

If there's a takeover then I reckon there will be major changes throughout with Beardsley being shifted aside.

The Owl

Vital 1st Team Regular
According to Beardsley's after match interview, Newcastle were really good in the last 20 minutes and played lovely football. What an idiot.

Harry's Boy

Vital Reserves Team
I find it impossible to refer to Peter Beardsley in negative terms. He has been an outstanding player for club(s) and country. Watching him at his peak for us in the Nineties must be some of the best football any of us has ever seen.

However, I think his football was instinctive. A gifted player with pace and control. As a communicator, he struggles. I think that probably means he'll never be much of a coach.

For us, he needs to be a Bobby Charlton figure, accepted for his footballing genius past but meeting and greeting, shaking hands. Being an icon. He has proved beyond any doubt that he was a great footballer. He and we should leave it at that.

The Owl

Vital 1st Team Regular
Saying he is no good as a coach does not reflect on his prowess as a player. A terrific player but not belong criticism as a coach and the results prove the point.


Vital 1st Team Regular
If anything its harming his reputation him being such a shite coach. He should have done as you said Harry and been a NUFC ambassador, because as long as he has a hole in his arse he will never make it as a coach.