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Two Stories That Warm The Cockles

Benefit cheat mum's 37-year repayment plan slammed by judge

Judge Ebrahim Mooncey told Anne-Marie Keeling, 23, to speed up repaying the more than the £35,000 she swindled after hearing it will take her until 2050 to settle her debt.


Liquid lunch: Primary school pupils go to the PUB for their dinner

Kevin and his team have also dispensed with the plastic dinner trays and replaced them with real crockery as part of 'Try it Friday'

On a personal note those bloody stupid plastic trays. Our youngest had perfect table manners until she went to school. If it kills me, she'll get them back and it almost killed me with the eldest!

Bout time more schools invested in local farm shops and quality food resources though instead of the reheated crap we used to get. Despite the barb above, our locals all do that well using daily fresh and in house cooked.

Worth every penny knowing they aren't getting a half plastic pizza and chips and for a treat a burger with less nutritional value than McDonalds.


Vital Football Legend
Yuck! Just remembered pink custard and stew with scum on. That's when I told Mom I was coming home for lunch. I couldn't take it anymore
They don't know they're born at decent schools now do they.

Rock solid concrete hedgehog with cold custard as well PMSL

Even back then I'd have killed for a steak and ale pie, with mash and veg! (minus the ale obviously hic).

The Fear

A Wise Man (once sat next to him)
Liked Jamie Olivers school dinner programmes, it was shocking the crap we (and the American schools) feed our youngsters.

Then again, it was the same in my day, awful food.

That leads on to the total lack of food education and hence, the obesity problem as well


Has a high horse
School dinners were bloody awful in my day. Andvwebwere forced to eat everything. I won't touch most puddings because of that. Prunes and rice pudding. Chocolate concrete etc etc make me vomit

The Fear

A Wise Man (once sat next to him)
I used to get forced to eat cheese pies, it was a torture, as I'm allergic to the stuff. You'd not be able to do that to the kids these days. I once threw a pie as far as I could under the table. Got a congratulations from the hellish dinner lady bullying bitch lady. Few mins later a whack across the back of my head as she'd found it on the floor.
Forcefeeding and a clip around the ears PMSL That takes me back. Suede was always my pet hate, and still is.

lol Pride!

Don't overplay with your cockles Northy, they'll begin to ache.


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I still can't eat long spaghetti to this day. I love pasta just not long spaghetti pasta. I will never forget that dinner lady at juniors trying to force me to eat it. I threw it back up.

I only ever started eating pasta as a friend had cooked it. I enjoyed it. I tried normal spaghetti again and the old memories came back.

Don't remember any hedgehogs however do remember cabbage cooked in salted bacon water until you could mash it down like potato. Oops sorry that was the ex deceased M.I.L who fed us that but she was trained as a school dinner lady.

My kids would eat anything but they hated going to Grandma with the soggy cabbage. They still remember it
If you want to address it, food standards died in my generation (I'm 34 ish I can never remember).

Generations either side of that were basically bullied food wise, and people wonder why most families can't feed kids now. It's because the parents cant bring themselves to make their kids try new food.

The missus has pet hates food wise as well, but we always when needed cooked one thing for us (had the extras on the plate and pretended) so the kids would eat them or at least try them.

I might not like it, doesn't mean they shouldn't try it and make their own decision.