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This is bloody sad...


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Live stream of the Taiji dolphin slaughter- Cove Guardians

Every year hundreds of helpless dolphins and whales are slaughtered or taken captive off the cost of Taiji, Japan. The Sea Shepard Cove Guardians is now streaming the slaughter live for the world to see in hopes this it will shed light on this tragic event. We can stop this, we can help our fellow creatures!

I think this is one of the saddest things we do I mean I dont know how anyone can look at these pictures and say its ethical... Yet Iv seen some try to justify it which I cant understand...





Yeah Mike, but in this so called ''21st ventury'' bs we are all led to believe on how technological adnavced we are supposed to be yet there are things like the above going on all the time, animals humans all suffering, no real sustainable proper fuel system or food chain in place so if i was a little green man looking down upon us i would think what a primative specie they are,

I get we over here in the west are lucky for food medicine etc but surely we must get past this butchering level to really get advanced, i dunno maybe i have too high standards and hope to where we can be or should be,


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I know you're not condoning this Mike but culture is used too often to justify awful stuff such as this... Its crazy that some people (again not you) who will try to defend this theres a debate on going on another forum and the dude must be trolling... He reckons its okay because 'we're top of the food chain' unbelievable... His other argument was that males kill the kids of other males to get the female to mate... Chimps do the same but he says we shouldnt kill them they are intelligent...
Which they are but a Chimp will kill a person a Dolphin wont and obvious Dolphins are intelligent...
Doesn't change tastes, Oriental countries also regularly eat bugs because they are high in nutrition but this country turns its nose up at it?

What about battery chicken farming? what about EU countries and their farming practices that we outlawed putting our own industry at a disadvantage in the process?

They use the meat and supply aquariums, any different to what we do with so called less cute animals or is having a salt water aquarium with 'nemo' any less tasteful in reality?
A lot of animals display intelligent criteria and no I'm not condoning this as I pissed of plenty of Spaniards when on holiday there on a school trip as a youngster because I objected to bull fighting....but as I've got older, I find it harder to get upset about cute animals suffering such treatment, when plenty of other animals don't get the same treatment because they are considered ugly.

It's got to be all in, or nothing. The money spent on Panda's when frankly they should be allowed under evolution to either adapt of stop being China's bitch on the negotiating table when it comes to gifting them expensively to zoo's would be a good start.

And that bloke in the words of the Last Leg is a DICK. I'd ignore him, he clearly doesn't understand nature but probably likes hairy things and not smooth things.
Oh and, just as balance, if memory serves there have been a number of people killed by Dolphins in the wild as well as in captivity, but they are cute, so it's ignored.

It's far better when you get a grisly shark biting somebody for the headlines as everybody thinks of Jaws, and not Flipper lol

Death by Panda or death by Bear is kind of the same thing, but I think Yogi gets a raw deal there, Pinky wasn't even a good detective.


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I do agree with you Mike to a certain extent what we do isnt much better its certainly not an ethical way of farming... Maybe you will call me a hibicrit but I want to go hunting and butcher the animal myself... I think I owe it to myself to do it because we're not in touch with things anymore... Factory farming is not right but its not like Im doing anything about it...

Il post this Id say you've seen it I dont believe all of it but I do think they are as intelligent as Chimps and nobody condones hunting and killing them...

The old saying in China is "The only things we with legs we dont eat are tables and chairs"...

Edit: I dont think any Dolphins have killed anyone in captivity Orcas have however and one was involved in 3 fatal deaths but they still kept him in captivity...
I dont think any animal should be kept in captivity, a zoo is a PoW camp as part of our war on nature and the competition we've always had with other species...
I never could to be honest, but I'd prefer to because if I did it myself I'd know it was quick, humane and if space allowed, I'd have raised the animal myself as well.

Not hypocritical at all, we are meat eaters, and there's a lot to be said for barbaric rearing but I do object to how the Gov have again bowed to the lefties and hampered our industry when most of Europe still doesn't have to comply with EU law until 2014 yet we enacted it in 2011 ish, which put our own industries to harm compared to the competition.

But I don't disagree with the more favourable treatment in and of itself. But it should be across the board and together, but England's realm of rearing now is far superior to most of Europe and that's why imports are cheaper.

I eat meat regularly, but we only ever buy Lamb now from our local farmshop and it's expensive, but jesus you can't taste the difference, there's less fat, because the animal has been better raised than the cuts you find on a supermarket shelf and it's still not as expensive as their finer cuts because you are cutting out the middle man and their profit angle.

Yup more than aware of that argument but it's leftie again. Big brains don't equal intelligence for me, and the intelligence they show individually and in a pack is no different than birds in formation or how they learn and react individually either.

A lot of it is anthropomorphic, and sadly that plays into the cute flipper, cute Lassie (we don't like countries who eat dogs either), cute Panda crap whilst ignoring the bigger picture.

In some ways your original link the outrage shouldn't be that they do it at all, but it should be the waste of the animal's not chosen for human entertainment in aquariums or not considered suitable as a meat product.

If it wasn't senseless and those not fitting requirements were freed, morally, culturally, that would be more acceptable because it's akin to walking out to a turkey at Christmas, deciding it's not big enough for your table and killing it anyway where it then serves no use.

If that makes sense?
Sure I read Dolphins have as well, or maybe it was just attacked?

Difference is no records are kept so it's always sketchy news reports mate. But I'm sure people have died at Flippers hand.

Flipside with Zoo's is it does increase our understanding, it allows kids to empathise with them more than they ever could from books and in some cases it's their best chance of survival as a species.....but that takes us back to should we interfere with survival of the fittest?
Depends on the supermarket doesn't it :17:

Maccies we all know, it's the shit even Findus wouldn't accidently stock!

Lawyers behave, it's a joke!


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I duno if Il be able to myself but its something I want to try... Last couple years Iv just hacked this theory of being ethical in all walks of life... Even without seeing how they slaughter I just think its not right... Then you see how its done and you're like are these guys serious how can they do this...
I could be wrong but it seems like just because they live in the sea some think they cant be intelligent as they cant manipulate their environment... I suppose its like any animal just because we cant understand it doesnt mean its not highly intelligent...

I believe they are at least on the same level as the Great Apes and theres no environment where Id really justify the killing of either for any reason... For me theres a massive difference between a cow and the other two species...

Zoo's are a tricky subject really, the great apes and Dolphins/Orcas etc. definitely shouldnt be captive as they have enough understanding to realise their stuck... Lions and Elephants probably shouldnt either as they need lots of space...
In this country to be fair our ethics on slaughter are quick and humane compared to abroad, but that's why Brit meat costs more mate. Plenty of programmes you can watch to see how it's done, the BBC? 2-3 years ago did a series of live slaughter that was eye opening and showed how we are light years ahead of abroad.

Again though that comes down the culture, we have a culture in this country of being leftie and having feelings for everyone including humans who frankly could do with a slap, Japan and the like don't, it's about desire or food and want, so they aren't as soppy per animal as we are.

Doesn't mean one side is right or wrong, but there could certainly be improvements in how they deal with things irrespective of intelligence of the animal, it's a food source....the extreme is plants have feelings therefore we shouldn't eat carrots, or mint etc as well, but animals are easier to garner emotions over.

Agree completely some animals are more likely to deal with domestication and confinement than others, but by the same token, if we want the next generations to grow up loving certain endangered animals that will only be achieved by letting them get close to them.

Doesn't mean we can't do it with greater respect to their natural environment and the pools Killer's (lol what a daft name just because they have teeth) and Dolphins shouldn't be at minimum four times as large as they currently are for natural habitat not shows which should only be double at least because both species enjoy because of the intelligence and interaction, but it's about respect ultimately isn't it.

Or it's doing it on the cheap to make money is another way of putting it!


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Who knows maybe cloning will work out in the future and we'll see wholly Mammoths again... We could always eat the meat grow from cells thats ethics sorted? haha...

While I know you're right I dont want to accept that certain animals should be eaten or viewed as food... I suppose all you can do is spread the word and wait for science to prove things one way or the other...

I suppose its unreasonable to expect people to not kill certain animals when we cant stop killing each other...

Respect is a good way putting it as we dont have very much for nature or the environment...
It's already being done mate, in terms of cloning but then the question is if we clone successfully and cheaply what happens to the live source?

Of course at he moment it's expensive because of baseline research but it's viable even if the samples are currently small, but I'm yet to see a discussion on what happens when we are overrun by cows for example.

Every animal is food though, even us, but it's not culturally acceptable to eat humans like it is chickens. But races eat rats, dogs, cats, it's still meat. Serves the same purpose and ticks the same boxes in terms of nutrition etc.

Sheeps brains, testicles etc....

But as said it doesn't mean we can't give our foodstuff a good life until the day comes they serve a greater purpose. In fact it serves our own desires because they will be healthier, less fatty and so on.

Many animals don't decimate (connotation not denotation) their food stocks because they realise they need some to survive so they can procreate and continue the foodstuff - for me that's no different than taking care of our food stock in the meantime.

And it shouldn't cost more really, there should be less expectation on profit.


Who knows Mike just as we raise catle and wait until there time is nigh to eat them we ain't some form of cattle in certain ways ourselves, would explain why there are so many silly baahstads in the world today?