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Things To Do Whilst The 'Virus' Controls Us


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I have started to read books again I find it quite relaxing especially if the weather is good which it has been recently. Sitting in the garden, reading is quite pleasant. Normally the only thing I read is a newspaper or forums like this one and stuff I have to read for work. It’s a new world which may well remain like this for sometime yet!
Personally baffling news and starting to get my mind thinking overtime again about this whole thing.

The Father in law, albeit away from family members and us just taking the hospital's word for how he is or was at a certain time, has reportedly been through a rollercoaster ride. As ive said, im not going into the ins or outs of where he currently spends his days or what his normal condition is like but for me he's been a prime candidate to be bumped off by the dark powers for how much money it costs to keep him going.

Anyway from being told last week or so that he had coronavirus and was taken away from his care setting into hospital. The Mother in law had to endure different stories of his condition and ultimately a call from the main consultant in charge to pretty much insist he was a D.N.R. due to them deciding that his quality of life wasn't worth saving.

A described deterioration was played out via the phone to say he had pneumonia and his sats were consistently lower to around the 75 - 80% level but regardless to how bad he would get, they had no intention of ventilation.

The weekend saw better news in that his sats rose to about 90% and he seemed a little happier before yesterday's phone call said his kidneys were packing in due to constant morphine he was on due to his pain levels.

Anyway, today the Mother in law rang the hospital for an update fearing more bad news only to be told he had been discharged back into his care setting with no covid 19 in his system. Something just doesn't add up. This is either a miracle, a strange man made disease that just does random things or he never had it in the first place,


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Things to do...
I'm celebrating St George's Day with a small modicum.
Cry 'God for Harry, England, and St George!'
What? The modicum is a product of Scotland. :grinning:


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Aye,strange times Toon,hope your father in law comes through.
Fkn tories incompetent & self serving as always.
My daughter in law working on the covid ward at the Q.E. & scared.
Had to drive over to North Shields to get herself a visor.
Meanwhile in answer to the thread title,walking,walking,walking.
Saw 3 Foxes & a couple of Deer & hoping porkie's times up!


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Starts by defending his bollocks!

Is his first name a piss take on one or two levels 😃🙄🤦‍♂️
Aye the old Knut has a very unfortunate surname.
It's a shame that someone as renowned as he is has to defend themselves for speaking the truth mind.


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Here's one that even the most gullible or sceptical cannot argue with.

The Robert Koch Institute in Germany initially warned against autopsy of Covid-19 deceased in order to protect the medical profession from infection

Pathologist and head of Hamburg's Institute of Forensic Medicine Klaus Püschel
argued that their advice was nonsensical as he had the necessary protective equipment so he carried them out regardless.

As of a few days ago his findings from over 100 autopsies proves what utter *Knuts we are dealing with.