The Open


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Great to see Westwood up the top again, hope he can finally win a Major, he comes across as a lovely bloke and his record at Majors is superb, just needs to win one.

Tiger's on the prowl though


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Ah yes. I like golf. It's the cricket I have never been able to find away to cope with. Always been a grin and bear it

The Fear

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Deano will dip into this I'm sure!

Golf is one sport I've not really, or very seldom, got round to watching.


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thefacehead - 20/7/2013 17:53

Not many golf fans on here by the looks of things lol. I grew up with it so I'm a big fan..
I've been playing today, so missed all of the afternoon action. Should be in by around 1.00 tomorrow, to catch the important coverage.

I would love to see Westwood win. What a year this would be if he could.