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The Jack Grealish Thread

I did last year while I was out cycling around Bentley Heath, a nice white Mercedes SUV.
Apparently he bought his Merc from the same dealership that we bought our Merc SUV from. The dealer told us that when he went in for a test drive, he didn't recognise him and asked him for ID to make sure he was old enough to drive.
Jack is still a home boy and takes his mom out shopping most weeks.
If he goes it will be to Barca or Real and they can piss all over Manures, £150k/week.


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just read that man utd are willing to pay £60 million for grealish i didnt know thats how it works you tell the selling club how much your going to pay for a player i thought the selling club named there price then its up to the buying club if they want to pay the price ...................... i wonder if that would work at the local car dealership i might go and tell them how much i want to pay for a car
It's gone up £10m then. How much did they want to pay for Harry McGuire initially - had their pants pulled down on that one.

I'd sell the Lansbury for that much, has the same haircut as Jack, so they might not notice. :lol:

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If Jack does go 'somewhere' this summer, I hope it's to Barcelona or the like.

Wherever we are playing in the next season (whenever that may start), if it is in the PL, I would hate us to be facing Jack.

If you do go Jack, please look to Europe.