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Sponsorship News - We're delighted to announce...


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Excellent choice. The lad has a very bright future from what I've seen so far. Lets hope he plays plenty of games for the mighty imps before commanding a huge transfer fee.


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Thank you to Graham Burrell and Lincoln City Football Club for the photograph!

I really ought to publish something on the front page about this news!

Reuters - Sean Roughan v Charlton Athletic (h) - 27-09-2020-min (1).jpg


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Great choice, and lets hope the sponsorship will last the whole season. The rate this young man is going he will be snapped up in the transfer market come January.


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Agreed with all the above, he is already a name you expect to see on the team sheet. Very good news and one that could well go on to very big things in the game and hopefully make us and himself a lot of money.