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Shrewsbury Town: What 3 Things Do We Need To Do To Beat Them?


Vital Football Hero
It would appear that The Shrews are a slicker version of ourselves particularly in terms of being an unfancied team that has recently started to punch above its' expected weight according to those looking from the outside. They have a reputation for good fluid football and interestingly are reportedly also a very fit team. Therefore it will be imperative that we play to our strengths and stereotypes.

We must pack midfield and press high up when they are in possession. We must maximise our opportunities from set plays. We must take good care of the ball when we have it and ensure we do not give it away cheaply. In essence the aforementioned will require intensity, preparation and concentration of the highest order but motivation and confidence at least should not be an issue for this particular occasion.

If we can do that we can stay in the game for a long time to frustrate them or who knows nick a lead and hang on to it. What is for sure is that this is a return to the underdog scenario of last season in so many cup games and we know how that worked out don't we. The underdog cap fits so let's wear it.