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Should we go full-time?


Vital Reserves Team
In view of recent results and bearing in mind Jim's comments on YouTube after the York defeat I wonder if it is now time to consider going full-time.

I'm not sure how much extra it would cost per season and wonder if anybody outside the Club has done a cost benefit analysis. Surely promotion will generate income which would've been wisely spent the previous season in converting to a full-time basis.

Clearly Jim is frustrated with the performance of some of the players and perhaps getting them full-time could instil the tactics and systems in their brains.

I wonder what anybody else thinks.


Vital Reserves Team
I really think the time is now (or rather next season). Part of me suspects we will go full-time (or a hybrid or some full time professionals and part-timers) in order to shift next years season tickets. If we do not go up we will need some sort of hoopla.

We are told (and I believe this) that the club is turning around. Finances are stable but we do not have much more money. So this would be a gamble without external investment.

We are also told the current board will not entertain outside investment unless they are confident we are not going to end up in the clutches of a chancer. Fine.

One thing I do not know is after we went into administration, the slate was wiped clean but a few years later we once again had racked up large debts (think were are 1 million plus in the red?).

Some of those who oversaw this shocking deteriroration are still involved. How much are they responsible for that mess? And are they merely running the club to gradually claw back some of the money they have lost... and the good stewardship now is more to do with self interest ?

Anyone able to dig out the who and when for all this?


Vital Reserves Team
Questions to ask include:
How much would going full time add to the wage bill?
Is a rise in gate takings either by bigger crowds or raise in cost of entry anticipated?
Would we be able to benefit from incoming transfer fees as and when we sold our players?
How much more would we be paying in transfer fees for incoming players?
Would our overheads increase if we were to play in a National League i.e. travel etc.?
Would later entry into the FAC give us a financial benefit?
Does anyone know the answers?
Would someone in the Club post a reply?