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Should Grimes remain captain?

keith margam

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In a recent poll over Grimes remaining captain 87% -13% say no.

Grimes form has dipped and it could be the responsibility is too much for him. I see no leadership from him on the field and as our slump continues we have to look at all aspects to try and turn our form around.

Who would replace him though? Hoorn or Ayew seem the most likely candidates, but will Ayew be off in January?


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I agree, his performances haven't been great but who else do you give it to? I don't see many leaders in our team. vdH has gone downhill as well because his contract is up and I don't think he cares as much. He's not doing much to attract many PL clubs and I reckon he'll stay in this division.

Captain's should be for players committed to the club and has good leadership, who is that player?


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Strange choice though, a player who will leave as soon as we can get a club to pay his wages. van der Hoorn doesn't seem happy not to keep the armband and Grimes hasn't been the same player since he's had it.