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Shortest day of the year


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I was recently told that after December 21st the nights draw out by 2 minutes per day:

I decided to go on a search to see if this was true. I haven't found anything yet. Maybe I am not Googling it properly. However I did come accross this article to do with all this, which was interesting so here is the link too. Please feel free to add any other info and links to do with this sunlight and night


Today, sunset was later than yesterday. In London it was 15:51 and 50ish seconds. Tomorrow, the sun will resolutely stay in the sky until 15:52 {and a few seconds}. The days are drawing out at last.

But it is not the shortest day of the year {I should say daytime really, all days are the same length give or take odd leap-seconds)

What is, I hear you all cry?

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P.S: Yes I do realize this article is a couple of years old, however it just digs deeper into the whole subject of day and night


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From today's IRISH TIMES

Cloud cover over Newgrange in Co Meath cleared this morning just in time for the sun to illuminate the ancient chamber on the Winter Solstice.
About 50 people were inside when the sunlight filled up the prehistoric tomb’s main passageway at about 8.50am on this, the shortest day of the year. More than 200 people, some drumming and waving flags, were outside to sample the atmosphere of the occasion.

The Fear

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We are now officially in the season of winter.

Skeggy will be only too happy to confirm.

And yes,shortest day, so over the worst, now we head towards the lighter nights next year. Whoop.


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Over the worst? I'll remind you of that if we're up to our oxters in snow in a few weeks' time, Mr Fear!