She homeless or she got problems. Only reason she runnin’ to a black man. | Vital Football

She homeless or she got problems. Only reason she runnin’ to a black man.


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Charles Ramsey, remember that name. He’ll be an internet legend within twenty-four hours. Ramsey rescued three women in Cleveland today who had been missing for more than a decade. The story itself is incredible but Ramsey’s account of the ordeal is simply spectacular. It’s perhaps the greatest interview since Antoine Dodson.


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I love the people of Cleveland.

He also ate ribs and listened to salsa music with the guy.

For those who want more info on the story:


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I won't say what I was thinking whilst reading this. It was um not very tasteful.

Glad they safe and well though


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13 Reasons Why Charles Ramsey Is The Most Epic Hero In History

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All jokes aside I'd like to commend that man for doing his moral duty when alot of other people would not of had the "testicles" (as he puts it) to do the right thing and probably would have ignored the woman.
Is the family name of the abductors not Castro? Typical Americans, after half a century looking off the coast of Florida, things go a bit quiet in the news so they have to come up with some new way of vilifying all things Castro :93:

:56: Sorry, I couldn't resist :89:



omfg i can not stop laffin still after about 5 mins of watchin that spoof video song Tubbz man :19: :19: My misses thinks im mental cos i tried going upto bed but i keep bursting out laffin ffs :19: so im banned from the bedroom til i stop laffin :19:


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The McDonald's loving neighbor hailed as a hero for rescuing three women held prisoner in a Cleveland home was arrested three times for hitting his now ex-wife, it has been revealed - as a fellow neighbor claims that he is wrongfully taking all the credit.

Charles Ramsey, who has become something of a celebrity since the rescue of Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus and Michelle Knight due to his antics with the media, was picked up on domestic violence charges in 1997, 1998 and 2003.

Mr Ramsey served six months in jail after he entered a 'no contest' plea in 1998 - when he was charged with domestic violence and failing to appear in court following his first arrest, according to documents revealed on Wednesday by The Smoking Gun.

After his third arrest in 2003, he was sentenced to another eight months in prison.

That same year, his wife Rochelle filed for divorce.

In an interview with The Smoking Gun, Rochelle said that Mr Ramsey also dodged $51-per-month child support payments for the couple's daughter.

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such a great bloke eh?


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This stupid ass bitch tried to say she was dead

Gotta say that this must prove to all the doubters that Psychics don't exist



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Badge you have to admit that most people have done bad in their life

Ramsay is forgiven by me for rescuing those girls from further hell

You know they have since found a grave in that basement? the girls also claim to have given birth several times

WTF must they have all been through?