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Share Your Experience(s) with the Supernatural


Are You Local?
I am interested in knowing if anyone has had any real experiences with any ghosts poltergeists etc

I'm sitting listening, eating popcorn so fire away



Bringer Of The Seasons
Not quite a ghost but here goes

Last week I had my first Indian head massage. Anyway during it a Golden Eagle appeared to me, it was just stood looking towards me. Anyway I told my mum about it afterwards and she claimed my Dad told her before he died he wanted to come back as a large bird of prey so he could look over us all.

The Fear

A Wise Man (once sat next to him)
Yeah. Private hospital, big operation so on morphine. The morphine would be the logical explanation for many.

Room went freezing cold, lady in an old Victorian dress went by and sat ( in a seat that wasn't there) just behind me. She was in distress. I said don't worry, everything is ok. She left, room went back to normal temperature.

Had morphine for ops many many times, never had temperature changes before or after and never saw things in that way before or after.

As said, logically people would say it was the drugs. Didn't feel it, everything went deathly quiet and cold!


My mom and dads old house where i grew up (as now they have moved to a bungalow), was scary, we moved there when i was about 9/10 ish everything was fine for a longtime, but my dad stated knocking the walls out changing the layout of the house and suddenly not long after things started getting weird

I was in my bedroom i was about 12 playing on the spectrum i had with my two other mates, all of a sudden a light appeared in the middle of the bedroom wall as we had the lights switched off and this light seemed to come out the wall at us and then return into the wall that was weird me and my mates jumped under my bed cover lol

Then things started getting more scary as i always used to hear footsteps in the attic above me then on the landing area then smell smoke although nobody smoked in the house, and i would hear like a wheezy breathing and a sinking on the end of the bed the room would turn freezing cold aswell i was petrified as a kid growing up tbh in that house

In the end my mates stopped staying over at mine my one mate saw somebody standing watching us in the oter room as my dad had knocked the two bedrooms into one for me as i was the only child and i had a games room, the snooker table and football spin table used to play on there own you would hre the ball on the footie table ping into the goal and on the snooker table the balls hit each other

My mate mark one night started crying when he watched the footie table play itself it was about 2am in the morning he just said im sorry i gotta go and ran out the house,

Now the interesting bit, my mom was asleep turned over and she saw a man in a wheelchair smoking a fag next to her she jumped up but said he didn't go away she turned to my dad who was asleep and woke him screaming but then it disapeared, my dad had his leg kicked into bed aswell by something and it hurt him as his leg was hanging out the bed,

The woman who worked in the local shop asked my mom if everything was ok as she heard of my nan things was a bit starnge, my mom said she saw a bloke in a wheelchair wearing glasses smoking a fag and the woman said that the bloke who lived in the house before us was who she described which was freaky

Our dog Duke used to stair at certain parts of the room barking and whining, and one night we were all sat in the front room watching TV when all of a sudden a massive bang in the kitchen, my dad jumped up opened the door and all the cupboards were open and all the contents from the dishes washing up liquid you name it all out on the side neatly stacked it was frightnening even my dad was worried,

So this went on til i turned about 16 then it seemed to die down a lot, but every september/december was the when things still seemed to happan like noises wheezing smoke smell etc


Vital Football Legend
Got loads of them. The freakiest is? Oh my Lord hard to say. My Mom's presence is still felt in a loving way around the house with things moving and reappearing in the most ridiculous places.

In 2009 I got home 1 night and put the TV on. It wouldn't work. All that was coming up was a fuzzy screen. The next morning I put the TV on to see if it would work before I bought a new 1 and it did. Later in the day I learnt the time the TV went mad was the time my ex's 2nd wife died.

The day of my Mom funeral the time the car was due at the house my eldest hit the TV on button. The screen was doing exactly the same as when Val died. My eldest was like WTF. I said don't worry it will be OK later. It was.

When me and David got engaged whilst we were away David set the wedding date. I realised that was the date of my ex deceased Father in Law birthday. Something stopped me for saying 'no not that date' My FIL was a wonderful man of God who I loved dearly and still do.

When we got home from the holiday a robin was sitting on the fence. On the morning we got married a robin was sat on the fence until we left for the service.

My Father in Law always used to see a Robin when he was alive before someone died is the poignancy to that story.

In 1990 when I was still with the ex we were away for the weekend and got back later than expected. We were meant to pick an older friend up as I was taking her to the spiritualist church. We went in the car to meet her and I was leaning over to sort my daughter so I didn't see her however the ex did. He jumped out of the car to go and explain why we were late and when he got their she had disappeared which we thought odd.

We went home and Mom babysat whilst we popped down the club to see her and her hub and explain. It was odd as they weren't in there and they went in every night. The ex went to the bar and whilst he was their I overheard some people talking about someone who had died. I leaned over and asked them who they were on about as we had been away. They turned round and said 'old Len wife Mary died on Saturday'

Ex had seen her that night 2 days after she died. Needless to say he hit the top shelf that night in the club.

That's just a few of them. I have many more


Vital Champions League
My Mum was very ill. I had just gone to bed when I heard a number of distinct knocks. They came from just above the bedroom door and just below the ceiling. A few minutes afterwards the phone rang. It was from the hospice saying that Mum was sinking fast and that perhaps I'd better come.
We (herself and myself) set off for Belfast as soon as possible. (For those of you who don't know, our permanent home is in Dublin.) On the way, I had to stop to go to the loo. As I came back towards the car, I could hear my Mum speak to me, telling me that she was ready to go but that, if I really wanted, she'd wait till I got to the hospice. I said, no, it's okay, we've still a fair way to come, if it's your time, then that's fine.
When we arrived in Belfast, about an hour and a half later, we discovered that she'd died an hour and a half before.
We went into the room where she was laid out. I noticed how peaceful she looked and wondered aloud if her spirit was still in the vicinity. Immediately, a curtain started to flutter. I laughed and said - "Cut that out, Mum."


Bringer Of The Seasons
My Grandma claimed that when she had her hip replacement op, early 70's, she had a feeling of floating above the operating table. She then claimed a large man dressed in white with piercing blue eyes came to her and told her it wasn't her time.

My Grandma was a typical working class woman and probably couldn't imagine such a thing if she had tried