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Second hand motors.


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I am thinking of changing my car and have been looking at a BMW318i SE2.0 4dr auto. Now I dont know much about beamers so does anyone here own one, what are they like. Have always fancied one but not sure about buying a second hand one. Any advice would be appreciated.


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not to bad, dont have to use indicators and the road is automatically yours on ignition, plus priority on every junction either lawfully or not ....


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I drive a BMW320d 5dr auto which I bought second hand (24,000 on clock) 09 plate - replaced a Mercedes which was an awful drive, best car I've ever driven by a mile, a pleasure to drive in fact. They're very well built and reliable however are practically useless in the snow unless you want to fork out on winter tyres - especially an automatic where it's harder to control the power to the wheels and you can't pull off in a higher gear. Seriously, a few of cm on a slight slope can leave you buggered! Also, BMW services / parts are notoriously expensive from the dealerships. Despite them problems I'd highly recommend it.

Badge - everyone knows that Audi drivers have taken the crown from BMW drivers for arrogant driving!


SKEGGY - 2/7/2013 12:52

I drive a Mercedes Benz. We give to a charity to help those poor unfortunate souls who drive BMW's.

Not a fan of BMW either, a Merc or even a nice Jag would be my preference.


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I had a Kawasaki LTD 250 30 years ago.I came off it about 4 times.
Once was a dog running in the road.Once i slipped on the ice going down a very steep hill and the other 2 times were speeding car drivers.

For every bad biker,there`s a bad car driver.It`s definitely 6 of one and half a dozen of the other.
That said,you were probably just winding Badge up !

Oh and Astonian....I`ve never had a BM,sorry i can`t help.
I love my dark blue Rover 75 though.

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On my second BMW 3 series m thingy.

Love it, not had any problems, nice motors both of them.

Undecided if I'll go for a 3rd next March as I am also thinking of a Range Rover Evoque and do like the new Merc doo dah as well.


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We have a Renault Megane Grand Scenic, it's basically a small bus that we fill up with kids, dogs and all the crap that comes with them and then bounce around the country like the beverley hillbillies.

We also have a nissan micra that use for commuting to work. It's an absolute nail of a motor and I love it. It cost me pennies in fuel, tax and insurance and no matter what I do it, it just keeps going. Also the asians let you pull out because they think you're one of them.


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BMW's are great cars but very expensive on insurance, repairs etc. You can blow a huge hole in your budget plans if anything goes wrong - even a new tyre can set you back £150 plus. I'm bumbling along in an 02 plate Mondeo at present and I may get another one next time too as parts are easy to get and my insurance isnt too steep either.


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I drive a lot, 38,000 miles last year, 3 Audis in a row, didn't want a BMW, but the company I work for did a deal and bought a fleet of BMWs, embarrassed to admit now that i should have had a Beamer all along, so much better drive, the handling and comfort is excellent, they are driving machines and you really get what they mean by that when you have driven one for 4 hours home from Kent, but yes they are bloody useless in the snow, think it is the rear wheel drive, but apart from that I would highly recommend one, great cornering and acceleration on country roads, cruising machine on the motorway :184:

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Yup. Rear wheel and as you say, not great in the snow. Lol. A lot of rear wheel cars aren't though, without winter tyres. Mine is compounded by the way it is set up sporty doo dah wise and the nice thick tyres!


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My car is a 1989 Citroen AX. An old banger, but I love the design of it. I can't even imagine what driving a 'proper' car would be like, that is, a car less than ten years old. Never tried it! Even in my dreams I can only imagine something like a Golf GTD, maybe six or seven years old, that doesn't let in water, that can go faster than 90mph and with a cd/radio that works. Don't even get me started on airbags and air-con - unheard of luxury!