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Save Vital Villa - Bacon Butty-gate!


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OK, there is a debate raging away on the 100% Villa board that has been sparked by an irresponsible throw away comment made by Paul Faulkner during his webchat last night. The incident just goes to highlight that in this age of instant access to information people should be properly briefed in media communication and protect themselves from making a comment that may well haunt them for the rest of their careers. Alas, the cat is now out of the bag, Pandora's box has been opened and we must face up to the implications and all that they will entail.

So, my fellow Villans, it is with a heavy heart that I place this burden upon you but we must be strong and answer:

What is the correct condiment to go on a bacon sandwich?


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Clearly you are right Clubpaver - as I stated on the other thread, anyone who says otherwise is a pleb and not welcome at my breakfast table.

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Yep, it just HAS to be Brown Sauce.....

Unless, the said bacon is accompanied by lettuce and tomato, in which case it would have to be mayonnaise..


Its brown sauce with bacon butty, everyone knows that!

For dairy and veg - use the Red.
Bacon Butty and Tea - use HP.


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When I was a lad a friend of ours used to take HP with him on a night out to have with his balti - strange times indeed.


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tarzan - 13/8/2013 15:05

What's your veggie option?
Not a veggie, just don't like bacon, too salty and fatty. Makes me feel sick.

I'm not that keen on Sausage or chicken either actually. Hate pork. Can put up with Beef and Lamb but even then, it depends. I really should be a veggie.

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Not keen on either. Bacon has enough about it to stand up for it's self. Just needs a bit of butter for moisture or even better fat from the pan. If someone is doing a bacon butty run and I end up with sauce I won't be too gutted.


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That bloke who does the HP advert claiming the sauce makes a bacon sandwich a manwhich probably blows club pavers argument out the water