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Sabbath Album Release Date

The Fear

A Wise Man (once sat next to him)
Black Sabbath have confirmed they will release new album 13 on 10 June.

Going to be interesting, hope it isn't a disaster, thought the 2nd heaven and hell album was awful (and the first awesome!)


Shame Bill Ward isn't involved, think he pulled out over contract negotiations or something!?


Always been a fan, sat in the same room at rich bitch while Mr Iommi was testing some new guitars, couldn't believe my luck : ) but never seen Sabbath live, I doubt I will get many more opportunities before either me, Ozzy, Tony or Geezer kick it, so grabbing it while I can : )


The Fear

A Wise Man (once sat next to him)
You can stream the new Sabbath album on itunes for free.


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I saw Black Sabbath at Download last year.

Ozzy's voice was all over the place. Like having Paul Gascoigne on vocals. Metal legend he might be but addiction has really fucked up his life and his talent. The neurological problems alone must be a nightmare. I mean he has almost permanent DT now. Consequently, his voice is very hit and miss. It can be all over the place, partly all over the place or decent.

Thankfully, Geezer Butler's base playing and Tony Iommi's guitar sounded as awesome together as ever, which is incredible given Tony Iommi's on-going treatment for cancer.

They used session man, Brad Wilk for drums on the new album though Tommy Clufetus usually plays with Sabbath live. An awesome stick man.