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Rate the ref v Tranmere


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Its Friday the 13th and look who's packing the whistle tomorrow, none other than Carl Boyeson, for the eds take click here https://lincoln.vitalfootball.co.uk/you-dont-know-what-youre-doing-lincoln-city-v-tranmere-rovers/

James Linnington (D) 8.50
Tony Harrington (W) 8.23
Joshua Smith (L) 7.81
Darren Bond (L) 7.68
Anthony Backhouse (L) 7.55
Ollie Yates (L) 7.40
Michael Salisbury (L) 7.30
Andy Haines (W) 7.21
Lee Swabey (W) 7.08
Marc Edwards (L) 6.79
Kevin Johnson (D) 6.75
Andy Baines (L) 6.17
Tom Neild (L) 6.17
Ross Joyce (D) 5.94
Brett Huxtable (W) 5.32
Chris Pollard (L) 5.14
Stephen Martin (L) 4.48
Ben Toner (W) 4.33
Craig Hicks (L) 3.28
Chris Sarginson (L) 2.14
Carl Boyeson (L) 0.42


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Not only have we got a set of tough fixtures, we get some bloody awful refs to go with them! Ah well, let's get them out of the way (please.....)

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Boyeson robbed tranmere today the same as he robbed us against bristol rovers in september. If he is still able to ref then it says a lot about the lack of refereeing talent in england. If he had sent a Lincoln player off in the same way as he did the tranmere player then there would have been uproar. 1/10 for finding the ground.


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He was pretty dire all round but got their sending off correct; Blackett-Taylor was quite rightly given a second yellow for impeding at a free-kick just six minutes after his first booking!

They did have a reasonable penalty shout late on, when Akinde might have been judged to have fouled a Tranmere player in the six yard box, but I think the ref got that one right. too.

I'll give him 5.

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Looked a penalty when Anderson nudged their guy over as well. Pretty ordinary reffing, Akinde penalised four times for just being the centre forward. 4/10


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Still poor. Fussy at times, not at others. Free kick and a card for a foul, play on minutes later for an identical incident.
Second booking for their guy was correct, by the letter of the law, so he had to go. But, the first booking was so soft, not even sure it was a foul.
Pretty sure he should have given them a pen late on as well.
Luckily we got the rub from him today.
2/10 because we won.


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Has he improved?

A quick look on "The Paddock", our friends from the Wirral aren't that impressed either.
Marginally better than last time but still a bit of a loose cannon. Gave some bizarre decisions, but their guy was stupid with his second booking and he had to go. Pleased when he managed to blow for full time. Good that the lino on the Co op side had his eyes open for our goal, the ref relied on him to give it. UTI . 2/10.


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Wasn’t expecting too much and wasn’t disappointed. Odd performance where what seemed innocuous challenges resulted in a card (Akinde) and worse fouls not even given. Probably poor for both sets of fans


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Got the sending off right by the letter of the law although their players first yellow was a bit soft. But as with Shack at Swindon last season if you are already on a yellow as a player you really have to look at yourself first and foremost on that one so credit for that but that alone
We should have had a penalty first half for their defenders handball from Harry A's cross where although his hand wasn't in an unnatural position he moved it towards the ball. To be completely fair though the linesman on the Selinity side had what must have been a far better view of it than the ref and he gave him no help on it
Second half Harry A has shoved their player in the box. That's a clear penalty. Now the only reason I can think that he didn't give it was that he knows the one he gave against us in the Bristol Rovers match was an almighty cock up so he's evened up for it. That though is not how to referee matches on a balanced and impartial way.
Otherwise seemed to blow for everything and anything for 10 minute spells in the game following that by giving nothing for the next ten. Very frustrating for both teams.
So I'll go 3/10 for not running scared of the red card which he could have done but generally not good at all. Thankfully the lino on the Co-op side was up with play otherwise I don't think he would have given Akinde's goal either


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Starting with the sending off, the first yellow was a definite, the second was stupidity by the player, he delayed the restart of play. If he hadn't sent him we would now be marking him down for not carrying out the laws. It wasn't an easy game to ref because it was stop start with niggling fouls, his advantage play didn't work.


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Their penalty shout and one early on against Akinde if he didn’t give a foul then he should have penalised for diving.
As someone said didn’t like he would have given the goal when it was clear over the line from my view
One for the refs out there, when their keeper spilled the ball & Akinde was trying to steal it off him but was ruled offside. Should that have been a different passage of play?


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Awful for both teams but I suggest we should have a different ‘Boyeson’ rating for his particular performances given he’s so much worse than any other referee on the list. 1.