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Rate the ref v Acrrington Stanley


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Tomoorow we make the long and what will probably be arduous trip to Accrington Stanley to stand on an open terrace and take whatever Storm Dennis has to throw at us :( , but at least we get to watch the mighty imps :wahey:, in the middle is Christopher Pollard who, it's fair to say got a mixed reaction last time out, Jules has done his usual analysis here https://lincoln.vitalfootball.co.uk/dude-wheres-your-card-accrington-stanley-v-lincoln-city/

If you do manage to get there or watch the game please post your comments below, all are welcome as we may struggle tomorrow.

Neil Hair (W) 8.68
James Linnington (D) 8.50
Tony Harrington (W) 8.23
Ollie Yates (W) (L) 8.08
Joshua Smith (L) 7.81
Darren Bond (L) 7.68
Anthony Backhouse (L) 7.55
Michael Salisbury (L) 7.30
Andy Haines (W) 7.21
Lee Doughty (L) 7.11
Marc Edwards (L) 6.79
Kevin Johnson (D) 6.75
Craig Breakspear (L) 6.30
Andy Baines (L) 6.17
Tom Neild (L) 6.17
Ross Joyce (D) 5.94
James Oldham (L) (W) 5.62
Darren Handley (L) 5.43
Ben Toner (L) (W) 5.32
Brett Huxtable (W) 5.32
Lee Swabey (W) (L) 5.29
Chris Pollard (L) 5.14
Stephen Martin (L) 4.48
Chris Sarginson (L) (W) 4.20
Martin Coy (L) 3.71
Craig Hicks (L) 3.28
Andy Haines (D) 2.61
Carl Boyeson (L) (W) 1.91
John Busby (D) 1.76


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A so-so performance in very difficult conditions, communicating with players couldn't of been easy in such conditions but didn't yellow some poor challenges and waved on some dodgy tackles from both teams. Didn't see the penalty incident, was too busy worrying about Vickers handling



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4/10 for me. Did try and make allowances for the weather but also missed some things which shouldn't have been allowed to continue such as the foul on Hesketh ( ankle was taken) which resulted in the delay for his shoulder injury. I'm also certain he saw their attacker have a little kick out at Bolger on our side of the touchline but decided to ignore it. He was looking straight at it. Penalty I really need to see again but looked soft


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5/10. Gave a number of decisions the wrong way (for both sides) and seemed to dominate the linesmen, who only raised their flags once the ref had made his decision. As Sedgley says, I think he did see the kick by the Accrington player (I think it was Diallo) but chose to ignore it. That was a bit strange if so.


Vital 1st Team Regular
4.5 - not overly impressed. I think last time my view was that he was overly fussy about the wrong things and didn’t seem greatly different this time. Very inconsistent with FKs and bookings,