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Rate the Ref : Away to Sunderland 17.02.2021

kettrin imp

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Can’t blame him for us not getting to Wembley, unlike when he robbed us of an FA Trophy appearance. Normally he is very very poor but apart from not booking a couple of their players in the first half he was ok. 7.


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Thought he did well, no game changing decisions - however it wasn’t really a game that required any huge decisions or strong reffing

The throw before our goal was wrong, but wasn’t the cause of the goal.

Thought he let off Sunderland with bookings (especially Gooch) and after the booking which he gave Edun.

Thought he let the game flow and didn’t buy many if any soft free kicks.

8/10 for me.

bbh 11

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7 - Thought he did ok, two obvious clear yellow cards weren’t given for some reason. Before the Lincoln goal, obviously the throw in was wrong, I suspect it was more the linesman on that side that got it wrong, as the ref had three players crowded around the ball, with their backs to him.


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Got the basic decisions right on the ball- he spotted most fouls better than Sunday's clown - but allowed Sunderland to bully like they did at our place, how many times was Hopper flattened off the ball?

Inconsistent with cards, in Sunderland's favour. I'm not biased, honest.


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I thought he refereed well. Let the game flow where he could and nothing at that was horrific. Couple of decisions that were fairly minor, but people make mistakes. It happens.
I feel the criticism of him because of a previous howler is weird. Some players make mistakes. And come back stronger. I think maybe Ben Toner has done the same. If he has, good luck to him, as like Imps, he has progressed. 8
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6.5 - Let a few things go that were fouls but I felt he was consistent with that and allowed the game flow

On a side note, is Ben Toner that bad of a ref? He has had one or two mares for us but I think he has many better games for us than worse.


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His reputation precedes him but he's not been bad in his last couple of games. Thought he did okay last night, although even Sky thought he should have given a yellow for the tackle from behind, just after we'd received one. Blame the lino for the incorrect throw-in so for me, a solid 7.