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Rate The Players v Cambridge United


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City score five away from home in the league for the first time since the 6-2 win at Port Vale in October 2018, and suddenly the season looks back on track. The relegation struggle has been shelved and the knees have stopped jerking for the time being. The injured players are returning and there were debuts for Robson and Maguire, a cracking first goal in senior football for Fiorini, and a hand in all five goals from Mr Scully. Nine for the season already for the Republic of Ireland International-to-be, and perhaps we should steel ourselves for waving goodbye to our star striker in January. Mr Appleton was disappointed to concede a goal, and we have yet to complete a clean sheet in the league to date. As far as negatives go, that is not a bad one today.

6.0 is the par score, use half-marks and give us your comments too.

Deadline is 5pm on Monday.




Vital Reserves Team
Griffiths 7.5 A game that will give him a lot of confidence, hopefully

Poole 8.0 First half was the best 45 I have seen from him. A little patchy defensively second half, but overall a very decent game
Montsma 8.5 Getting back to his early season form from last year (without the goals). Excellent covering today.
Eyoma 6.5 Started off very poorly. Improved after that, but still doesn't quite look match sharp.
Robson 7.5 A more than adequate debut. Looks very solid defensively, and clearly is a better crosser of the ball than either Bramall or Poole.

Bridcutt 7.5 Commanding for most of the game
McGrandles 8 Just the game that Conor needed to move towards last season's form.
Bishop 7.5 Didn't look fully fit, which he wasn't.

Adelakun 8 Starting to show more regularly why he was signed. A few dreadful passes, but exceeded today by more incisive ones.
Scully 9.5 Probably the best game Sculs has had for the club?
Hopper 8.5 Tireless as usual, with no lack of skill.

Fiorini 8 Must be pushing for a starting place. Clearly a more than adequate replacement for when Bishop misses games.

Cambridge were pretty awful first half, giving us plenty of time to play out from the back. After they corrected that at half time and made us play long, they dominated for long spells. More and more teams will do that against us - push up and press our back four when they start passing it between themselves. However we can be devastating on the break, as our second half goals and missed opportunities showed.


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Griffiths 7 Shame that we let one in, a goal which he could not be faulted for but otherwise a solid game against a weak strikeforce. A couple of very decent saves

Poole 8.5 Terrific match. Anyone who wonders why he gets games just try and see that defensive header he made in the 34th minute to stop their striker. Superb piece of defending

Eyoma 6.5 A few early dodgy passes and tackles but settled into the game later on

Montsma 7.5 Didn't let much pass him by and a very high percentage of his cross field passes struck the intended target today

Robson 7.5 Very assured debut. A natural left back. If he continues like that we've got a cracking player

Bridcutt 8 Controlled the middle of the park

McGrandles 8 This was Connor of last season. Everywhere on the pitch and deserved his goal

Bishop 7.5 Very influential and direct before going off. Hopefully the substitution was a precaution to a minor knock

Adelakun 7.5 I really like how he and Scully swap positions constantly. Has a great shot on him when given room

Scully 10 If I could give more I would. One of the best individual performances I have ever seen in a City shirt

Hopper 8 Brilliant game leading the line and some terrific headed clearances from corners

Fiorini 7.5 Slotted in for Bishop and a superb goal

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Vital Champions League
Griffiths - 7
Poole - 8.5
Montsma - 8
Eyoma - 6.5
Robson - 7.5
Bridcutt - 8.5
McGrandles - 7
Bishop - 7.5
Adelakun - 8
Scully - 10
Hopper - 7.5

Fiorini - 8


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Sorry everyone, I meant to post this link in the opening post.

Just taking the opportunity early in the season to remind everyone of the guidelines - please read the following link if you have not done so already:


Most importantly, please ensure you have watched the whole game before you post ratings. That means either being at the game live (or watching it live overseas on iFollow) or waiting for the entire match to be posted on iFollow on Sunday.


Vital Reserves Team
Griffiths 6.5
Poole 7.5
Montsma 8.5
Eyoma 6.5
Robson 7.5
Bridcutt 7.5
McGrandles 7
Bishop 7
Adelakun 7.5
Scully 9
Hopper 7.5

Fiorini 7.5

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Nobody gets less than 7 after a 5-1 away win!

Griffiths -7. Didn't have much to do in the first half as he was well protected by the defence, but a couple of good saves in the second.
Poole - 8. I thought he had an excellent game, especially in the first half.
Montsma - 8. Also excellent and just about back to his best.
Eyoma - 7. Did well, but gave the ball away once or twice.
Robson - 7. A fairly quiet game, but a couple of good headers away.
Bridcutt - 9. Man of the match for me. Bossed Cambridge in the first half.
McGrandles - 7. His best game of the season so far? Well-taken goal.
Bishop -7. A fairly quiet game.
Adelakun - 7. Getting better as the season goes on.
Scully - 8. A full international cap not far off?
Hopper - 7. His usual game (which is always worth a 7).

Fiorini - 7. Scored the goal of the match and might have had another with a steadier finish.


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Griffiths 7.0 A couple of decent saves and good command of his area. Missed a corner near the end that hit the bar and went behind. No one the least bit exercised about it because we won (a fortnight ago it might have been a hanging offence)and it didn't end in a goal. Such is the life of a keeper.

Poole 7.5 Excellent again.

Robson 7.0 Looked assured. Good game to pick for your debut.

Eyoma 6.5 Poor distribution in first half but steady defensively.

Montsma 7.5 Solid defensively and excellent use of the ball.

Bridcutt 7.5 Looked in complete control

McGrandles 7.5 A goal and typical good allround performance.

Bishop 7.5 Hit post and looks to be enjoying playing for Lincoln.

Adelakun 7.5 Has plenty of quality and beginning to show it. Just needs to stop contributing to the odd chance/goal for the opposition.

Hopper 7.5 Intelligent performance as usual.

Scully 9.0 Has taken a massive step forward at the start of this season. Full of confidence.

Fiorini 7.5 Took up where Bishop left off.


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What a performance - first half absolutely brilliant. Second half just in control of the game and seeing it out as well as scoring two more goals 👏👏.

Giffiths - 7 - made a couple of decent saves. Couldn’t do anything about the goal. Growing in confidence.
Poole - 8 - dominant play, both defensively and going forward. Influential involvement with three (?) of the goals.
Montsma - 7.5 - settling in again and has found his range with the diagonal passes.
Eyoma - 7 - gave the ball away three times in dangerous positions but settled as the game progressed.
Robson - 7.5 - as solid a debut as you could ask for. Think he will be one of the signings of the season. Solid defensively and looking to overlap at every opportunity with one or two lovely crosses.
Bridcutt - 8.5 - another solid performance anchoring the whole team in the middle both defensively and creatively.
McGrandles - 7 - better performance this week and well taken goal.
Bishop - 7.5 - possibly guarding his injury a little bit but still turned in an excellent performance until he went off. A couple of decent strikes, including hitting the post.
Adelukan - 8 - really starting to enjoy his place in the team. Fitness getting up to speed and playing some lovely football at times. The performance and goal will have done his confidence a power of good. Surprising how he kept popping up all over the pitch.
Scully - 10 - how could you give him anything but. Two superb goals, three assists and a constant threat to Cambridge (& still managed some defensive duties). MoM 👏👏
Hopper - 7 - not quite his usual effectiveness but still turned in a solid performance.
Fiorini - 8 - some very composed and classy play from this young lad, showing he is ready for a first team role. Some lovely holding and passing plus a superbly taken goal.