Quiz - Pot Luck Pt V | Vital Football

Quiz - Pot Luck Pt V


Vital Football Legend
Here are the next five questions in the general knowledge quiz. Good luck. :69:

21. In conservation, what do the letters FOE stand for? DM

22. Who says 'It's the way I tell 'em'? LRM

23. What was the ninth month of the Roman calendar? Caz

24. On which day of the week does the Queen distribute Maundy Money? Caz

25. Which part of the foot is between the sole and the heel? LRM




Vital Football Legend
Round up:

21. Friends of the Earth - DM
22. Frank Carson - LRM
23. November - Caz
24. Thursday - Caz
25. Instep - LRM

A good team effort today, thanks for joining in.