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Player ratings v Sunderland


Vital Youth Team
Here we go then this is difficult as most weren’t that bad individually albeit A couple of shockers

lumley 6 one good save not a lot more to do. unlucky at the end but exposed as we pushed forward

jackson 7 did nothing wrong defensively and won the penalty
medley 6 did ok
ogilvie 6 dealt with forwards ok
tucker 8 mom for me defended very well

macdonald 4 dreadful challenge cost us the game
Dempsey 6 needs to drive us foreword move
mckenzie 6.5 does the dirty work well

Oliver 4 disappointing didn’t win enough doesn’t defenders around
samuel 4 see above
graham 4.5 poor penalty, poor crossing today got an extra half for effort

the sending off cost us today but as with other games the system employed of 3 midfielders doesn’t work. the first thou


Vital Youth Team
I was surprised to see Jackson playing; but he looked fine and played well; and the new goalie looked good ; so (O'Keefe aside) this was arguably the first choice team all playing. Sunderland looked quite poor and gave the ball away a lot - saw a 'player rating' from their view which had several 4/5s and a 2 for Tom Flanagan

Other than a 6 for Tucker, who still looks nervous to me this season and I think affected by the hype from Evans, I agree with the above ratings; Graham disappointing today but he cant keep being the only player getting 8's every week

So an average performance, against a poor side, and a bad result; but this team should keep us around lower mid table where we probably belong this season (as many others recently!)


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I only differ as follows: I would have given Lumley a 7, very dominant and positive and Graham a 6; he's the only one who regularly beats his man and gets a cross in, but today his crosses weren't that accurate otherwise he would have been a 7 and even an 8 if he'd scored the penalty.