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paul cooks doncaster interview


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did he actually let it slip that the takeover could happen in a couple of days ?
he stated in a couple of days i think there will be hopefully good news for the fans and hopefully for him and his familly
might just be a new contract or was it...... made me listen to that bit a few times at about 2 min in


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My impression was he was talking about his contract. In another interview I read from Friday he said something very similar but also added in contract talks with Sharpe were going very well before saying he was hoping there will be an annoucnement very soon.


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I have not been able to go today as I am on taxi duty taking an elderly aunt and uncle to church. Could those that have been maybe start a new thread and give some details about what it was like and possibly post some pictures......thanks


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on wish fm now sharpy says takeover to happen in next couple of days looks like i might have been right reading into cooks interview
sharp hoping to stay on as chairman