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Parking near the ground.


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Going to my first game in a very long time so not sure about parking. I know the roads get full up pretty early but what about the car park. Will I need to get there early to get a space. It says on one site I looked at it holds 900 cars. Any ideas guys.


I always park on the ones near to Tesco a fiver i think it is but there is security about

The Fear

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Sometimes you strike lucky with a road space, I ALWAYS empty my glove box and leave it empty to show people there is nothing worth stealing.

Other than that, you will see a good few signs to match day parking, both official and unofficial.

One at the back of the upper grounds was usually available a fair bit last season.


Yeah just go by the ground you will get a space somewhere, i am jelous of all of you i tried to get a ticket but to no veil, don't feel sorry for me lads im ok honest, have a nice time all ya **** ;)