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Certainly looks a tough ask to come away from Brisbane Road with any sort of result, Orient have invested heavily in their squad and look strong from front to back.
I'd settle for a better result than the 3 nil reverse at Salford. Football is a funny game at times so anything is possible.


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Putting a positive spin on it, they’ve only won 50% of their recent games, granted I’m only including the last two, but as OP says anything is possible.

However prior to those two, loss at home and win away respectively, they had scored three goals in each of their three previous home games, hopefully we’ve caught them at the right time and get a point, which I think we’d all accept before we travel.
If it’s an off day, for us, predicting a similar outcome to the Salford result

Saying that the result should indicate where we are, and may well end up, in the national league food chain.
Excellent result by any standards, and hopefully a chink is appearing in the armour of both Salford and Harrogate, with both of them needing injury time to get a point at home. Wrexham still look strong but if we just go about our business without attracting too much attention we’ll be there or there abouts.