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I never met him, I was however just think about him and wondering what he would have made of the last two years.

RIP fellow Imp.


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I think he would have enjoyed the games against Colchester, his other team.
Don’t think anyone enjoyed the away game at Colchester Notty. It had to be the worst away game of the season. Newish posh plastic stadium less than quarter full next to a retail park and 90 minutes of dross from 2 piss poor teams on the night. One to forget but sad for Oldimpsfan he never got to see the Imps back in the league. He did prophecise that we would be down the deadwood for eternity without a massive budget to buy our way out. He got that wrong but he didn’t count on the Crowley factor.


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Much missed on these boards.

His late night posts were significantly more entertaining than the team in those terrible pre Cowley years.