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NUFC v Everton


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I'm NEVER going back to that ground as long as Ashley's there Bruce and I'm never going to stand beside a Benitez fawner so I guess I'm done.
Sounds like a cracking atmosphere though.


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FT 1-2. I'll read the morning paper to see how accurate my thoughts were
I can tell you in advance Mac,they were skewed,especially that backs to the wall comment.

Both teams had there spells but only one team had a striker named Dwight Gayle as backup.

One positive about the game the lads who took the free tickets were full of cheer.
The atmosphere was the best in a while,the Everton fans played their part as well.
I wrote last year that it was time to move Ritchie on and improve. Today just showcased another argument against that as he's been badly missed.

I thought Everton had more tempo and urgency with most of our play just lumped forward into fresh air. Joelinton seemed more improved although he was playing in the position he played for, for his former clubs.

Our bench had nowt on it to change it up as Gayle and Atsu are utter shite but overall you could argue that a draw was a fairer result considering their first was a goal kick to us before their corner caused the bother before their goal. Well it looked a goal kick on my grainy NBC SN link and the commentary alluded to it.

Just don't know what VAR is for if everyone noticed a mistake and could easily tell the ref via their mouth pieces

Paul Kannell

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Caught the second half on the radio, sounded like we had a right go, but not enough quality in the final third, something we’ve been hearing for the best part of a decade.


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Well my take (for what it's worth) is that the away team seemed to have a lot more sense of urgency at the start of both halves. We were under intense pressure. We came back into the game as the overall possession shows with only 58% to the opposition.
It seemed a good atmosphere with all the freebies taken up apart from the final few minutes but then again the free ticket holders had nothing to lose by going early


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Seeing some of the post-match reaction, it seems that Bruce is blaming players for responding to the "full house" crowd.

It looks like he might be falling out with Ashley over the free season tickets.


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In other news, we a re joint top of the league, where we haven't been since we last had a domestically produced manager. With 9 injuries, we are level with Bournemouth in the number of players unavailable.


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Good to see you back, billybobsnot, miss your incisive posts 😂
Brilliant,first time on here for a while,neppo full of herself,time of the month or slightly menopausal,either way full of confrontation & coming across like a woman scorned.
Meanwhile the team we once lost our voice for is dead,another 5 years of this fucker,you couldn't make it up.🤣& apparently I'm a Marxist.
Ref was shite, throughout. Was a nailed on penalty for us in the first minute, for the arm across the throat. Then the fuckwit gives a corner, when it plainly was not. Shocking. And these are only the big decisions he got wrong.