No More Quarter Final Replays For Brentford


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Should Brentford progress through to an FA Cup quarter final from the 2016/17 season onwards, the game will no longer be subject to a replay.

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Dear All

I find the title of this thread very funny. Given that we have only once got to the quarter-finals of the Cup in the last fifty years and currently can't get past round three with direct entry at that point, it might not be that relevant any time soon.

Something has to give with fixture congestion. Playing 46 games in the Championship with international breaks every so often is hardly encouraging teams to put their best sides out in Cup competitions. Then of course you have the attitude of teams in the league above and it's no great surprise the FA Cup has lost its prestige. We all hear how it's the greatest Cup competition in the world - I disagree, now it seems like other countries take theirs more seriously (eg. Copa del Rey, which always has the added edge when Barcelona and/or Bilbao are involved, throwing a bit of rampant separatism into the mix).




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Good to have you back GB, you're right the title of this is amusing - the chance to make a QF would be a fine thing right. Interesting point re the other countries and their domestic cup competition, Copa Del Rey, Coppa Italia and the German equivalent all seem much bigger deals these days.

The Scottish cup final was fun last week, end to end game won at the death, with a pitch invasion and full scale tear up as the finale. Made for most enjoyable viewing if i'm honest.