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No more footy for a while methinks


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After that performance on Tuesday I'm rather relieved. At one point on Tuesday it was so farcical I was expecting a small car to drive on the doors fall off.


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Well guys.. what have I missed? Not a lot by the sound of things. Unfortunately I've been having internet problems again, but hopefully I'm ok for a while at least.

As you guys know I'm in rural France, and if things don't change, very likely remaining here, and not able to return to UK. Make no mistake, and lets not mess with the definitions, France is very much under Medical Marshall Law at this time, with a 6pm curfew, and forms to sign if you want to leave home. One trip a day allowed to get food, but that's expected to tighten.

Anyway, as long as my internet connection holds up, I'm going to be about, and looking in. And 'dedmans'.. this site is most definitely going to continue. I joined this site in 2006, and despite a few Corny wobbles, I'm still fighting fit. It'll take more than a little 'virus' difficulty to kill me and it. Great to see eastneydave around.. :thumbup:
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I hope you are all ok folks. Stay safe and we'll all meet up when the season starts again. I was looking forward to going to Wembley, hopefully it will still happen.