Newcastle Utd v Manchester City - Post match reactions, debate and stats


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City continued their outstanding run when the secured all three points against a stubborn Newcastle side taking them 15 (fifteen) points clear at of the table leaving their nearest rivals..........

A narrow victory in a crowded schedule sadly saw Vincent Kompany again depart the field early - the guy must now fear for his future both at the Club and with the World Cup looming next summer :093: Raheem Sterling was on the score sheet yet again and despite not being at his best De Bruyne not only provided the assist but also hit the post.

Gary Neville could be felt squirming in his seat as he as he co-commentated on the game but could not bring himself to give credit to City or their coach ontheir achievements as he withered on about how “City should have been out of sight” whereas had his old team been in the same situation he would doubtless have been waxing lyrical about how they knew how to “win ugly” or “grind out results” and “it’s the win that’s important- get those three points on the board”. Twat.

What did you think of the game?

(Stats to follow)
Skoorb how true about Neville, he says that was the most negative game, but do you blame City for being in a league of their own or Newcastle for hoping they could get a draw by defending for 90 mins.

Carragher was right people don't want to see these games as it puts the Premier in a bad light. Jamie boy did you see the Liverpool/United match and the build up, was that not the same served up by different teams?
Newcastle boss Rafael Benitez: "We had some chances at the end, and we expected to have to defend and play counter-attack. We needed to stay compact and defend well to play like that.

"In the last 20 minutes we did what was expected, being on top of them and expecting to press high. I am really pleased with the team in terms of organisation, but we discussed we could be better on the ball in the first half.

"We have to bring someone in to help the team but still have a lot of confidence in the team."
Manchester City boss Pep Guardiola: "Any manager can decide what he wants - I prefer to try to play but I respect a lot what opponents do and we have to try to discover how to attack against them.

Newcastle didn’t want to play - Guardiola
"Always you have to expect this kind of situation - and it is not always easy to maintain that level.

"Raheem Sterling is scoring a lot and is playing good - so we are happy with that."


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Blues Comment Post Newcastle Utd Result

A neutral watching lasts night’s game on the telly between Newcastle United and Manchester City must have wondered if they were better off switching over to watch the PDC World Championship darts!

I wouldn’t categorize the game as boring, but it wasn’t far off it. I mean, the aim of playing football is to win and not to sit behind the ball for the best part of 90 minutes. Newcastle United FC, you should hang your head in shame.
It was a disgrace.

Some of those stats are embarrassing - how can one opposing player make more passes than the whole of the combined outfield XI for the home team?

I don't expect sides to commit the footballing equivalent of Hari Kari but they were at home, have a crowd that will roar them on and there is an expectation that they should at least make some effort if not to 'entertain' but to endeavour to put some pressure on your opponent. Sean Dyche seems to be making a decent fist of taking games to top six sides and his budget isn't massive so that argument won't wash for Benitez.