New year, new thread, ..... old lies, for all to see. | Vital Football

New year, new thread, ..... old lies, for all to see.


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May as well keep a record of 'em. Granted, many wont be quite as obvious as this one, but it wouldn't be right to ignore "em.

For example, saying in the Commons that we wouldn't leave the Erasmus scheme, but then, doing exactly that, will probably see him unveil some waffly "replacement" project.

This one? .........not so easy to explain away.



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Has there ever been a more duplicitous, deceitful, and fundamentally barefacedly dishonest politician?

Johnson changed May's policy so as to allow these barriers, despite promising not to do so:
- He negotiated them
- He signed the agreement
- He won an election mandate for them
- He forced them through in legislation without proper scrutiny or debate ...

And now... ...he pledges to end them.



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For Trump Johnson? ... though I'll give him that even BJ isn't that bad.

A reasonable view though of the relationship between politicians and the media .... and the supporters of those politicians who then believe the media to be biased.