New manager


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Noticed a posting on Facebook.

Is Lee Clark to be the next Hartlepool United manager. He was sat next to Pam Duxbury yesterday?

Surely can't be any worse than Harrison. Let's face it, even I couldn't be worse than Harrison, and i've never managed a football team.
Or, is he so desperate to get back into management that he is prepared to sink to our level.
Does it show a lack of ambition on his part ?

Put him in charge till the end of the season, see what he can do.
Bates has said he does not want the job, so get him out of caretaker role asap.


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Eleven games left, a possible 33 points. We probably need 23 of those to avoid relegation, after a points deduction. Thirteen possibly without entering administration.

Moore has all the T shirts for me.


Old Poolie

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Pools desperately need somebody from outside of the current group to come in and give the Club a lift. A Ronnie Moore character would be ideal, he has experience is looked upon positively by (most) supporters and knows how to organise and motivate players. Would probably accept a short term deal to the end of the season.
Sadly, I don't envisage the current Owners making a move to make any appointment, partly due to financial constraints and partly because they would anticipate a new Owner (if they can find one) would wish to make their own appointment.

National League North (at best) beckons I'm afraid!