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New Kits?

Off Twatter.

The home top is believable because ive seen a similar one for another club advertised. Not sure about the rest although the colours are generally 'luckier' than red or any white ones we've had.

They'll look canny in the championship.

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Vital Champions League
The stick on 3 pence badges look great, and the look is just enhanced with the idea of the dreadful Wonga on the front.

Cheap looking shite, as per usual with every strip Ashley has ever had a hand in.

The middle one looks like it was made by somebody with a grudge.



Vital 1st Team Regular
Awful! Disgusting and thats been kind. Look cheap and nasty. 80s and 90s kits were way better had a bit soul and identity. Why cant we get back to unbroken proper black and white stripes


Vital 1st Team Regular
I'm with Carl on this, why not have a normal strip with normal stripes. Why do strips these days have to look like an explosion in a spacka factory.


Vital Champions League
Just for balance, the shirt from 1999 - 2001 (I think) had blue trim. However, there has been so much cuntishness from these fucking absolute *****, that everything they do is under suspicion. And rightly so. The *****.