New Goalie


Vital Reserves Team
And another one: Branislav Pindroch who played in the second half against the lot over the river has signed. It'll be interesting to see what happens now we have 3 senior keepers on our books. Seems like one too many to me. I'm assuming Joe Searson will go out on loan now.


Vital Newbie
I keep trying to reassure myself that we were a playoff form team for two thirds of last season, but had a chronic bad patch.
My eyes tell me that at Newport we were bottom six material. At Basford we looked Evostik standard and against Wigan only Ameobi and Grant stood out.
I'm finding it hard to believe that we need four keepers ,Saunders, Hodge and probably Bird.
Only Dan Jones looks reliably to the standard required, Alessandro probably of the new signings.
I'd like to think we can at least trouble the top half of the table this season after five years of looking downwards and scrabbling about for safety but I'm not entirely convinced as yet.